Method To Make Western Saddle Pads for Sale Yourself

There is no doubt about the fact that western saddle pads for sale are essential items for the horse riding. This saddle is all placed underneath just for the purpose to provide with the comfortable cushion for the back side of the horse. This pad is even helpful at the time to soak up the sweat just as beneath the saddle and ensures that chafing does not occur. Some of the people do have a conception that as it is one of the major parts of the horse riding, therefore, it will be high up in the rates as well. Therefore, they are always in search for some straightforward and easy to follow methods to make western saddles.

Below we will be going to have a discussion about the simple steps in which you can learn that how you can carry out the western saddles at home themselves:


Main Items Needed To Make Western Saddle Pads:

                To make the western saddle pads, you should need almost two sheets corduroy fabric plus a sewing machine as well as five layers fleece fabric. Lastly, you should have five sheets cotton fabric.

Steps To Make Western Saddle Pads for Sale Yourself:

Step No 1: In the very beginning, you will be measuring with the saddle on which you are creating the padding by the way of using the measuring tape. Be sure with the fact that the padding should be larger in size so that you would be able to put your saddle on top of it. Hence, no section of the seat will be able to overlaps over the cloth. The padding cover is made from the fabric that is durable, thick and longer lasting.

Step No 2: Now in the next step, you will be going to trim up the clothing fabric from which you are making the padding. You have to sew afterwards up with the two layers together in a way that the cords should be facing each other. You have to put the one side of the paddle pad as open so that it will be giving out the look of the pillowcase.

Step No 3: In the next step, you are required to measure the fabric layers that is placed just as inside the saddle pad cover. Just stack them on the top of the layer with one another. Try to be sure with the fact that all the layers of the saddle padding sides and corners should be even.

Step No 4: Now in the next step just turn up all the open side of the edges just as under the finishing touch edges. You should be sewing all those sides which are opened. Now you have to sew even with the middle portion of the saddle pad. In this way one by one you will be going to sew up all the parts of the padding.

Step No 5: On the last step of the western saddle pads for sale making now comes the point where you have to add your creative touch! Add the saddle pad with the embroidery or any patches which you want to add.